Your AI-powered virtual reality English speaking trainer

Smart Tutor is a platform that enhances communication skills through roleplaying with Holosapiens, where users wear a dedicated VR headset and practice English conversation with Holosapiens in a VR space.

AI quantitatively analyzes the user's ability to communicate in English and provides real-time feedback.

Smart Tutor Advantages

Practice overcoming your weaknesses

AI quantifies your weaknesses and highlights your improvements.

Low-risk environment


Because it is not a practice with real people, you can practice without worrying about failures, and as a result, mental blocks to English conversations are resolved.

Multiple Evaluation Items Feedback

Language Level

Pronunciation / Fluency / Difficulty Level

Communication Level

Speech Pace / Eye Contact / Attitude / Energy / Key Points

Unlimited Practice

You can practice as long as you want, with as many Holosapiens as you want, and in multiple scenarios as you wish.

Immersive Learning Environment

VR is said to be twice as effective in knowledge retention and language learning than traditional solutions.

Content Customization

Our platform is designed so that any customized, relevant content can be inputted quickly. Of course, we also have our huge library of existing content for you to choose from.

Learning Progress Tracking

Visualize your learning progress with data


Weakness / Trend Analysis

Most Efficient Learning Method

​Practice in Realistic Scenarios

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